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    Volatile chemical products emerging as largest petrochemical source of urban organic emissions - A gap in emission inventories of urban volatile organic compound (VOC) sources, which contribute to regional ozone and aerosol burdens, has increased as transportation emissions in the United States and Europe have declined rapidly. A detailed mass balance demonstrates that the use of volatile chemical products (VCPs)—including pesticides, coatings, printing inks, adhesives, cleaning agents, and personal care products—now constitutes...
    Feed Source: science.sciencemag.org

    Natural selection and the predictability of evolution in Timema stick insects - Predicting evolution remains difficult. We studied the evolution of cryptic body coloration and pattern in a stick insect using 25 years of field data, experiments, and genomics. We found that evolution is more difficult to predict when it involves a balance between multiple selective factors and uncertainty in environmental conditions than when it involves feedback loops that cause consistent back-and-forth fluctuations. Specifically, changes i...
    Feed Source: science.sciencemag.org

    A major chromatin regulator determines resistance of tumor cells to T cell-mediated killing - Many human cancers are resistant to immunotherapy, for reasons that are poorly understood. We used a genome-scale CRISPR-Cas9 screen to identify mechanisms of tumor cell resistance to killing by cytotoxic T cells, the central effectors of antitumor immunity. Inactivation of >100 genes—including Pbrm1, Arid2, and Brd7, which encode components of the PBAF form of the SWI/SNF chromatin remodeling complex—sensitized mouse B16F10 melan...
    Feed Source: science.sciencemag.org

    Wrapping with a splash: High-speed encapsulation with ultrathin sheets - Many complex fluids rely on surfactants to contain, protect, or isolate liquid drops in an immiscible continuous phase. Thin elastic sheets can wrap liquid drops in a spontaneous process driven by capillary forces. For encapsulation by sheets to be practically viable, a rapid, continuous, and scalable process is essential. We exploit the fast dynamics of droplet impact to achieve wrapping of oil droplets by ultrathin polymer films in a water pha...
    Feed Source: science.sciencemag.org

    Natural noncanonical protein splicing yields products with diverse {beta}-amino acid residues - Current textbook knowledge holds that the structural scope of ribosomal biosynthesis is based exclusively on α-amino acid backbone topology. Here we report the genome-guided discovery of bacterial pathways that posttranslationally create β-amino acid–containing products. The transformation is widespread in bacteria and is catalyzed by an enzyme belonging to a previously uncharacterized radical S-adenosylmethionine family. We sho...
    Feed Source: science.sciencemag.org

    Observation of three-photon bound states in a quantum nonlinear medium - Bound states of massive particles, such as nuclei, atoms, or molecules, constitute the bulk of the visible world around us. By contrast, photons typically only interact weakly. We report the observation of traveling three-photon bound states in a quantum nonlinear medium where the interactions between photons are mediated by atomic Rydberg states. Photon correlation and conditional phase measurements reveal the distinct bunching and phase featur...
    Feed Source: science.sciencemag.org

    Dentate gyrus mossy cells control spontaneous convulsive seizures and spatial memory - Temporal lobe epilepsy (TLE) is characterized by debilitating, recurring seizures and an increased risk for cognitive deficits. Mossy cells (MCs) are key neurons in the hippocampal excitatory circuit, and the partial loss of MCs is a major hallmark of TLE. We investigated how MCs contribute to spontaneous ictal activity and to spatial contextual memory in a mouse model of TLE with hippocampal sclerosis, using a combination of optogenetic, electr...
    Feed Source: science.sciencemag.org

    Species turnover promotes the importance of bee diversity for crop pollination at regional scales - Ecologists have shown through hundreds of experiments that ecological communities with more species produce higher levels of essential ecosystem functions such as biomass production, nutrient cycling, and pollination, but whether this finding holds in nature (that is, in large-scale and unmanipulated systems) is controversial. This knowledge gap is troubling because ecosystem services have been widely adopted as a justification for global biodiv...
    Feed Source: science.sciencemag.org

    Structures of C1-IgG1 provide insights into how danger pattern recognition activates complement - Danger patterns on microbes or damaged host cells bind and activate C1, inducing innate immune responses and clearance through the complement cascade. How these patterns trigger complement initiation remains elusive. Here, we present cryo–electron microscopy analyses of C1 bound to monoclonal antibodies in which we observed heterogeneous structures of single and clustered C1–immunoglobulin G1 (IgG1) hexamer complexes. Distinct C1q bi...
    Feed Source: science.sciencemag.org

    Lipopolysaccharide is transported to the cell surface by a membrane-to-membrane protein bridge - Gram-negative bacteria have an outer membrane that serves as a barrier to noxious agents in the environment. This protective function is dependent on lipopolysaccharide, a large glycolipid located in the outer leaflet of the outer membrane. Lipopolysaccharide is synthesized at the cytoplasmic membrane and must be transported to the cell surface. To understand this transport process, we reconstituted membrane-to-membrane movement of lipopolysacch...
    Feed Source: science.sciencemag.org

    Genomic correlates of response to immune checkpoint therapies in clear cell renal cell carcinoma - Immune checkpoint inhibitors targeting the programmed cell death 1 receptor (PD-1) improve survival in a subset of patients with clear cell renal cell carcinoma (ccRCC). To identify genomic alterations in ccRCC that correlate with response to anti–PD-1 monotherapy, we performed whole-exome sequencing of metastatic ccRCC from 35 patients. We found that clinical benefit was associated with loss-of-function mutations in the PBRM1 gene (P = 0....
    Feed Source: science.sciencemag.org

    Enantioselective C(sp3)-H bond activation by chiral transition metal catalysts - Organic molecules are rich in carbon-hydrogen bonds; consequently, the transformation of C–H bonds to new functionalities (such as C–C, C–N, and C–O bonds) has garnered much attention by the synthetic chemistry community. The utility of C–H activation in organic synthesis, however, cannot be fully realized until chemists achieve stereocontrol in the modification of C–H bonds. This Review highlights recent effo...
    Feed Source: science.sciencemag.org

    Comment on "Selective anaerobic oxidation of methane enables direct synthesis of methanol" - The comment and response concerning the report of oxidation of methane to methanol by water (Reports, 5 May 2017, p. 523) do not fully capture the implications of thermodynamic limitations. A nonisothermal process in which each cycle requires a large temperature swing and permits only substoichiometric methane conversion surely could not be carried out on any practical scale. ...
    Feed Source: science.sciencemag.org

    Response to Comment on "Selective anaerobic oxidation of methane enables direct synthesis of methanol" - Labinger argues that stepwise reaction of methane with water to produce methanol and hydrogen will never be commercially feasible because of its substoichiometric basis with respect to the active site and the requirement of a large temperature swing. This comment is not touching any new ground, beyond describing the thermodynamic feasibility, thermal cycling, and the role of water as discussed previously. Most important, it does not have a solid...
    Feed Source: science.sciencemag.org

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