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See The Meaning Of Words By Simply Moving Your Mouse. No Clicks Required!
By Leonid Kofman
Do you frequently browse Web pages in foreign languages? Do you often work with documents written by your German or Russian counterparts? Are you reading product documentation in a foreign language? What do you do if you bump into an unknown word, or if the meaning of a sentence is not clear?

If you are like most of us, you probably have some sort of a dictionary. You know, some kind of a paper book, and you have to open the book and go through page after page to find the word you are looking for.

That sounds slow, and too slow for the modern age of e-books and digital everything. Having an old-fashioned paper dictionary is fun, but using it is a real waste of time compared to modern electronic counterparts.

So what can you do if you encounter a word you don't know? Typically, you'd select a word with a mouse, copy it into the clipboard, launch your electronic dictionary, and paste the word from the clipboard.

Is this really any better than using the paper version?

Research in the human computer interface is not standing still. The latest development allows using your mouse to see the meaning of words, with no clicks required. Would you find it convenient if you'd only have to pass your mouse over a word or phrase, and see its translation in an instant in a familiar tooltip-style pop-up? An informal survey among frequent e-book readers has shown that for many readers this revolutionary technology of getting fast references was a decision-making factor on whether or not they would read an e-book in a foreign language!

The only translation product that has this

technology is TranslateIt! It can be obtained at: http://www.GetTranslateIt.com. With TranslateIt!, you can see the translation of words and common phrases by simply moving the mouse over the text.

Unique to TranslateIt!, you can use this cool feature in virtually any Windows application. TranslateIt! will help you browse pages in your favorite Web browser, work with Microsoft Office documents, chat in messengers, and even translate windows captions, button and menu labels.

Once you install TranslateIt!, you will never want to go back to paper-based or old-fashioned electronic dictionaries. It is so easy and efficient that many users report that they were able to read large documents in foreign languages with almost no knowledge of the language itself! If you are working with documents or applications in Russian or German, or if you are learning the language, or if you just want to chat with a German or Russian speaking friend on ICQ, TranslateIt! is just perfect for you.

Save time and improve productivity by removing the language barrier with TranslateIt! Get your free evaluation copy now at: http://www.GetTranslateIt.com

CEO of RealSofts Ltd. Founded in 2002, RealSofts Ltd. is a dynamically expanding development company, focused on producing linguistic for home and corporate users.www.gettranslateit.com


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