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How To Monitor A Disloyal Employee On The Internet
By Dave Williams
In spite of the abilities of a system administrator to monitor and track an employee’s use of the company internet access during working hours, employees are still wasting valuable working time. This wasted time typically remains unnoticed by the administrators and employers.

To assist the employer with monitoring their employees’ activities, the employer may chose to rely on additional hardware or software.

Developed for such monitoring, Net Pro computer Spy is tremendously effective and simple to use. Net Pro computer Spy can be purchased at a cost that any employer can easily afford. Net Pro Computer Spy Software, offered from www.thespyshop.ws, can be used from the employer’s own workstation for monitoring their employees’ activities in real time as well as to view the activities of the past. This greatly reduces the amount of pornography, music and videos that unfaithful employees may download through the company network. As a result, this will decrease the number of computer viruses affecting the company network, at the same time, decreasing the hours that are wasted by the disloyal employee. Employers can block access to websites, view activities, record data and control what the employees are doing easily from the employer’s own desktop.

In addition to Net Pro Computer Spy Software, www.thespyshop.ws offers other spy products that can effectively monitor the activities of employees through the company network, such as spy cameras and keystroke loggers.

Keystroke loggers can easily be installed on any computer. As it is hardware, it can be moved from one computer to another as needed. The keyboard logger attaches between the keyboard cable and the computer monitor. After typing the password, all of the data can be viewed on Windows Notepad. The keystroke logger models operate with any operating

system. The data can be recovered quickly and easily and is retained even after a power outage or system failure.

Another available option, through www.thespyshop.ws , is the keystroke monitor modules, available in different sizes to accommodate the employer’s needs. The keystroke monitor is very simple to use, purchased at cost efficient prices, and versatile. Similar to the keystroke logger, the keystroke monitor is hardware rather than software, making it portable and interchangeable from one computer to another with no hassles. The main difference is that the keystroke logger attaches to the keyboard cable and the keystroke monitor attaches inside of the keyboard.

All programs works in conjunction with other programs that most companies already know well, such as Windows Notepad, which displays the data after submitting your password. If your unfaithful employee discovers the data on their work station computer, they can not access the information collected without the employer’s password.

www.thespyshop.ws makes monitoring of your disloyal employees simple, confidential and safe. The solution of monitoring employees’ activities are readily available from www.thespyshop.ws. They offer solutions at affordable prices that make a company more efficient and productive. Offering worldwide shipping, TheSpyShop.ws is the world leaders in high quality spy kits. You can shop with confidence at The Spy Shop.

Born 1959 in Wales of French parents. Went into Government service at an early age rising quickly through the ranks... He decided to pursue his interest in spy equipment and its many uses and has remained in the industry to this day. A keen cricket fan and golfer. www.thespyshop.ws


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