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Keyword Elite Review - Think Twice Before You Buy
By Peter Wong
In spite of all the good things that most affiliate marketers mention in their reviews of Keyword Elite, I would like to strike a balance by giving a more realistic review of this piece of software. No doubt, Keyword Elite is a piece of excellent that can be run on your desktop to help you carry out a more extensive keyword research. It surpasses every single free tool in the market, which many people are using. However, there are two major caveats you need to bear in mind before you buy Keyword Elite.

1. The Problem of Current Database
Keyword Elite does not generate keywords by itself. In fact, keywords are pulled from various sources such as Overture and Google. This means that in most of the time, accuracy and speed are depending on these external sources. If the sources are not reliable or their servers are slow to progress, you will have a hard time in using Keyword Elite. For example, at this time Overture database are having problem of speed and stability. Therefore, if you choose Overture as one of the sources to retrieve a list of keywords, you will spend many hours before you can finish the search. Because of this, you may find some users complaining about the slowness of the and even sometimes they will get N/A results from their research. Another good example is taken from Wordtracker. For instance, the recent update for Wordtracker will cause a captcha appears for every single keyword in Project 2 of Keyword Elite. A captcha is a kind of test adopted by much internet technology to fight spamming. The most commonly used captcha is a gimmick that requires you to put in certain numbers or letters given in a distorted image. It will definitely annoy you if you need to key in repeatedly hundreds or thousands times just to get rid of the captcha for a long list of keywords. To be fair, these are external factors that fall out of control of Keyword

Elite. Any keyword tool that depends on these external sources will face a similar problem.

2. The Accuracy of High Paying Keywords
One of the commercial baits that seems very attractive in Keyword Elite is that it enables you to find Adsense high paying keywords. If you are using Adsense on your website to generate income, surely this feature seems to be a killer. How does it work? The answer is simple. Keyword Elite can retrieve those high paying keywords based on the estimation of Adwords cost-per-click (CPC). However, this is one of the features that disappoints a lot of users. The truth is that the CPC retrieved from Adwords only reflects the Google regular search, but not the content search network. In most cases, the Adwords advertisers will bid much higher in Google regular search than the content search network. This means that you may see $5 bid price in CPC that you obtain from Keyword Elite but in real picture, the same advertiser may have a bid price of $0.03 for a similar keyword, thus causing you to get a much lower CPC for your Adsense. This is the main reason why I heard so many users complaining the inaccuracy of Keyword Elite. In reality, this is not a fault that belongs to the per se, because this is the limitation imposed by Google itself. Be that as it may, Keyword Elite is still a time saver and many of its features can still earn Keyword Elite one of the best keyword research tools in the current internet enterprise.

Peter Wong is the chief editor of Keyword Tool department of Review7.Net, a website that provides a more realistic review of various products and services in the industry of keyword research. For more info about this article, please visit Keyword Elite Review


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