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The Never Ending Spyware Story
By Doug Woodall
Itís been with us since 1993, itís gotten more intrusive,
more complicated. Itís created a whole ecosystem, so to

A person sits somewhere, writing a new virus, a new
application of Spyware. It is put onto the Internet and
Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware vendors begin to develop
definitions to combat it, maybe even to stop it permanently.
These fixes are incorporated into the new versions of the
software they sell, or distribute as freeware.

Existing companies, businesses, and users struggle to keep
up with what to use, overwhelmed, their lifeline to the
Internet depends on it.

In this portion of the ecosystem you have; The end user.
YOU! Your Internet Provider, Hosting Service, ect. The
businesses on the Internet, all of em. The existing
companies and vendors providing the Anti-Virus and
Anti-Spyware Programs. Adding to this ecosystem, new
companies start up to get into the rapidly exploding
business, marketing their own software. More additions occur
as new businesses start up to sell the the
companies have produced. New and old online users buy
upgraded and new to try and protect their personal
information from being stolen.

Interlaced into all the

above is the knowledge required to
know how to protect ourselves with the basics. A hardware or
software Firewall, Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware.

Whew! Ok, rest.

Point to ponder while resting.Recent eWeek.com tests reveal
that some Vendors are failing to provide solutions when it
comes to finding and permanently destroying Viruses and


Then letís look at it from another angle shall we? Without
the person somewhere in the world writing the virus or
Spyware, there would be no need for the person that is
writing the program to combat it. There would be no need for
the company that employs the person writing the programs to
combat the virus or Spyware. No need for the Businesses that
sell the programs the company markets. Still with me? Good.
And finally, No need for the user, you, to protect yourself.

I hope this lil exercise has proved informative. Take Care.

About the Author: Doug Woodall has a website at www.spywarebiz.com There he provides free information and recommended products to combat Spyware, Viruses and other Online Nasties.


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