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How To Recover Documents, Files And Photos
By James Walsh
The problem is that even the best computer is not a match for the human brain, since it was conceived by humans in the first place! So we keep trying to bring our inventions closer to the bit of gray matter we carry inside our craniums, and getting anywhere closer is an achievement in itself. The data we use, create, and store is important to all of us, otherwise we would not have spent so much time in finding increasingly effective and secure means of storing data. Therefore, tearing our hair and biting our nails after losing data would not have been long-standing reactions. The thought of recovery germinated with the idea of storage itself. Today, data recovery, in various formats is within the reach of everyone in varying degrees. There are free packages available for those who do not want to spend even a shilling on getting back their precious information; there are downloadable software, packets that you can buy off-the-shelf or order from the website, remote access data recovery (where the rescuer and the victim do not even meet), and there are professional firms that deal with incredible, impossible cases of data loss.

Tips on Using

When it comes to data recovery that one may download or buy, there are a few standard points that need to be borne in mind.

  • Please ensure that you always use genuine software. If you do not value your data even that much, there is no point in trying to restore it at all. For this, you have to use your own judgment, but without being biased, one may say that free is not always the wisest choice.

  • Do not take out your hard drive from its protective covering prior to applying the to ‘see’ what has gone wrong. This will kill your drive beyond standard software’s powers. Drives are extremely delicate objects and even a speck of dust that you cannot even see will damage the surface terribly.

  • If you are not sure how to use it, do not try to apply it. Either ask for professional help, or send it to a firm that will charge a little

    less, or just call in your geek friend (all of us have such creatures in our circle of acquaintances by now).

  • Try to go for a reputed and big company that also has an address and a working phone number.

  • Does the have easy to follow visual interface? If it does not have one, it may become difficult for a typical end user to handle it.

  • Many offer free demos, preview options, and test runs. These are obviously safer.

  • If you are working on data recovery from a CD, DVD, or USB device, try not to download the on to it. The memory space being limited, the might happily delete some of the very data it needs to save in a bid to download itself.

  • Run the directly from the disk if you have bought it instead of downloading it.

  • In the case of audio visual files or music files, do not go for a that does not give a preview.

  • Is it within the capacity of the to rescue all the file types that you need to recover? Splitting up the job between two different Is not a wise decision.

  • Do you know exactly what is wrong? If it is a hardware flaw, the can’t help you.

  • If the data is extremely valuable, do not risk it on a software. It is better to go for a data recovery group.

Professional Data Recovery

If you have a large volume of data to save, or if it contains sensitive information that may endanger your company or its clients, the wisest solution is to entrust the job to a professional data recovery company. It may cost you more than a software, but you are better safe than sorry.

James Walsh is a freelance writer and copy editor. If you are concerned about data loss and would like more information on Data Recovery see www.fields-data-recovery.co.uk


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